Cabbage Soup Diet: Truly revealed

Cabbage Soup Diet: Truly revealed

As people are very concerned about their health and fitness they have started to look for ways to lose weight quickly. It is evident that being overweight is the root cause of serious health problems like diabetes and heart ailments. People are in search of diet plans to shed those extra pounds and the cabbage soup diet is one such diet plan that is known for its amazing results.

The diet is actually a seven day program and it claims to reduce 10 -15 lbs during the period. It is said that the intake of the cabbage soup which is low in calorie will help to lose weight effectively.

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The soup diet had become popular during the 1980s. The cabbage soup diet gained the attention of the people as it was circulated through faxes and also through word of mouth. The origin of this diet is a question that is to be answered. The credibility is however never questioned.

Rumors had linked this diet to many medical institutions especially to the Sacred Heart. This made the institution to issue a statement stating that it had no links to the diet.


The cabbage soup diet mainly focuses on the cabbage soup. The soup is generally low in calorie and as a well known fact cabbage is a rich source of folate, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. It also contains essential minerals like potassium and manganese.

The diet makes claims to help lose ten to fifteen pounds in a week. The method on which the diet works is very simple. It depends on the fact that weight can be reduced by consuming very few calories than the amount of calories burnt by the body. The soup has no cholesterol content in it which could be good to lose weight. Though the soup will not give you a feeling of satisfaction you can have more of it till you feel satisfied.

 Ways to consume it

The cabbage diet soup is a seven day weight loss program. Along with the soup other foods are also a part of the diet plan. Alcohol is not allowed in the cabbage soup diet and you can have water as much as you want. The diet incorporates different foods for each day that must be combined with the cabbage soup which is the main ingredient of the diet plan. The amount of the cabbage soup is unlimited and you can have it as much you like.

On the first day of the diet fruits can be included along with the soup and banana is not allowed. For the second day you can have the soup with lots of vegetables and a potato which is baked and buttered. During the third day soup is taken with lots of fruits and vegetables. Potato and banana must be avoided for the third day.

For the fourth day of the cabbage soup diet suggests the consumer to have 8 bananas, cabbage soup and drink skimmed milk as much as you like. On the fifth day include 6 tomatoes, beef (250 grams) and the soup in your diet. You can have more beef and lots of veggies other than potatoes along with the cabbage soup for the sixth day. On the seventh day eat more veggies, juice and the soup. Potatoes are not allowed for the seventh day.


Though the diet is criticized for the imbalance in the nutrition, it provides a lot of fiber to you. Eating lots of fruits as a part of the diet is good as they are rich sources of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Fruits are also good sources of antioxidants. On the other hand, including lots of vegetables is also a healthy habit.

As the amount of the food is not restricted you have the freedom to eat as much you want. People find it easy to follow the diet as it includes different kinds of foods. The calorie content in the cabbage soup is limited and it has no fat content. The cabbage soup is very easy to prepare and it costs very less too. In addition to all the advantages the cabbage soup diet lasts for only a week.

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