Chicken Soup Diet- One of the Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

Chicken Soup Diet- One of the Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

You might have felt the need of looking slimmer for a special occasion or a party. Sometimes weight loss becomes the primary concern for some of us. The best way to lose weight fast is to follow a diet which helps you shed weight in a really short span of time. Chicken soup diet is one of such diets which help you lose substantial amount of weight in a very short time. Though this diet is beneficial for weight loss it should not be followed over a long period of time as that might weaken your health. Unlike most fad diets the chicken soup diet is not unhealthy. It restricts you from eating everything and gives you a list of things which you can have for meals. As we all know, chicken soup is really healthy for our body you can be rest assured that you cannot ever go wrong with the chicken soup diet.

History of the Chicken Soup Diet:

The origin of the chicken soup diet cannot be pin-pointed. It has been circulating the internet for quite some time. Many people strongly believe in the benefits and goodness of the chicken soup and they have spread the word about it. When someone is sick there is a custom of feeding that person a healthy chicken soup. The nutritional value of the chicken soup has enhanced the value of this diet. It is a 7 day diet which makes the dieter follow certain rules of eating and makes them eat only a certain number of things a day. The dieter can choose from five sorts of breakfast and other than that they can only have chicken soup for food.

Why do people use the chicken soup diet?

People use this diet for losing weight in a comparably shorter period time. It is a trendy diet which should not be followed in daily life. This diet doesn’t ascertain how much weight one can lose but it does help in substantial weight loss. This diet doesn’t give any advice on exercises to be practiced or any lifestyle changes. There are many versions of this diet and some suggest that one should use this diet to give their weight loss plans a kick start before following any other diet on a regular basis.

How to Follow the Chicken Soup Diet?

  • There are five different choices for breakfast for every dieter who follows this diet. The breakfast is the only meal which doesn’t comprise of the chicken soup.
  • The first breakfast option is that of half a cup of non-fatty, vanilla yogurt and half a cup chopped fruits with wheat germ powder topping it.
  • The second breakfast option comprises of two pieces of whole wheat bread and three figs. This can be substituted by 1 cup ricotta cheese and half a spoon of sugar.
  • The third choice of breakfast comprises of cereal, orange juice and skimmed milk in very moderate proportions.
  • The fourth option for breakfast comprises of juice of prunes, whole wheat bagel with some cheddar cheese for taste.
  • The fifth and final breakfast option consists of wheat cereal and fat free milk.
  • Along with the breakfast one has to take a bowl of the chicken soup, specially prepared, for every other meal.

What are the advantages of the chicken soup diet?

  • The chicken soup diet improves your metabolism rate.
  • Cuts down fat. Reduces tummy fat.
  • Losing weight makes you feel more energetic and fit.
  • Losing weight boosts one’s self confidence and gives them the courage to try new outfits or do new things.
  • Cuts down health risk. Obesity leads to various health disorders. Losing weight curbs this risk.

How to prepare the Chicken Soup?

Two table spoons of olive oil have to be heated in a large pan first. The garlic, parsnips, turnips, jalapeno and onions to be added to this and stir fried for 7 to 10 minutes. Now you may add chicken broth, chicken pieces, other vegetables like broccoli and carrots to the boiling soup mixture. Simmer down the flame for some time. You should take a multivitamin supplement along with the soup everyday to stay healthy.