Fat burning soup: Everything you must know!

Fat burning soup: Everything you must know!

In recent times most of the people have become overweight and medical experts are concerned about the increasing numbers in the country. Being overweight can have adverse effects on the body and mind. Serious health related issues are associated to those extra pounds. As a result of the awareness people are desperate to lose weight instantly.

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In addition to all the other trendy diets the fat burning soup is one such diet that promises to lose ten to seventeen pounds in a week for you. This soup is also popular by the name of the cabbage soup. Amidst of strong criticism the soup has managed to get large number of supporters.


History of the fat burning soup: The soup became a much hyped topic in the 1980’s. People became well aware of the soup recipe after it was sent via the faxes around the world, which were an important medium of communication. The soup also stared to become a trend with the word of mouth. People had no idea about its origin. And that wrongfully assisted the spread of incorrect rumors about the soup diet.

Almost all the credible medical foundations were associated with the soup diet and all of them vouched for it. Experts at medical foundations made their stand clear by supporting the soup diet. The fat burning soup rumors were alienated by all the medical organizations.

How can you use the fat burning soup?

The soup is basically a vegetable soup which includes cabbage, onion, pepper, tomato and some celery and soup is always very low in terms of calorie count. The cabbage which is used in the soup is a vegetable that provides vitamins and necessary nutrients for the body. Other vegetables in the soup also have good nutritional value.

The soup has helped the users to burn fat effectively. Cabbage has great weight losing properties which is the main vegetable in the fat burning soup. Above all, another fact that is always stressed is that the amount of calorie taken by the dieters is low which in turn helps to lose weight. The soup can provide all the nutrients while restricting the fat content.

How to use the fat burning soup?

The diet is a 7 day fat burning program. The diet allows the dieters to enjoy a variety of foods along with the soup. The diet defines a list of foods that should be incorporated in the diet for each day. The fat burning soup can be consumed as much as you desire.

On the first day dieters can include fruits along with the soup in their diet. Banana, tea and juice of cranberry must be excluded on the first day. On the 2nd day the soup is combined with vegetables and a potato which must be baked. For the third day the diet allows the dieters to eat vegetables and fruits along with the fat burning soup.

On the 4th day of the diet plan soup can be taken with 2 or 3 bananas, skimmed milk, few oranges and plenty of water. For the fifth day dieters can have some tomatoes, 8 to 10 glasses of water, approximately ten to twenty ounces of beef and the soup. On the 6th day soup is combined with more vegetables and beef. The soup, fruit juices, fresh vegetables and rice is allowed on the seventh day of the diet.

What are the advantages of the diet?

The fat burning soup can help someone who wants to reduce weight instantly. The soup recipe can be prepared much easily and the time for preparing it is very less. The ingredients for the soup are cheaper and are easily available in the grocery stores.

The intake of fatty acids or fats is very low in this diet. Dieters are not deprived of other foods and they find it easy to stay with diet. The diet incorporates large amounts of fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins, minerals and many other essential nutrients. Moreover cabbage is a fiber rich vegetable which is good for health.

The diet is designed for a week and the dieters need not to be committed for a long time. The diet also does not emphasize on a strict exercise regime which makes the dieters choose this program. Having the low calorie content soup as much as you desire does really help to burn fat more efficiently than the other diets.

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