Progresso Soup Diet for Super Fast Weight Loss

Progresso Soup Diet for Super Fast Weight Loss

The Progresso soup diet is really good for anyone who is looking for a fast weight loss solution. The soup diets are quite a craze due to their capability in cutting down the amount of fat you have. They are great help in losing weight in a really short span of time. If you have a special occasion for which you want to look slimmer or a special date for which you would like to fit in a favorite, slim fit jeans then you can definitely try the Progresso soup diet. But these types of diets are not for prolonged use. They contain very low calories which are good for weight loss in a short period but continuous use can make you tired and wary. Obesity is a curse for many and it is fast taking the proportion of an epidemic. Obesity causes many types of health disorders and stops an individual from fully enjoying life. A change in diet introduced by the Progresso soup diet can help you feel fitter and better in every way.

Origins of the Progresso Soup Diet:

Progresso is a company with 100 years of experience with the market and they have been manufacturing soups for past 50 years. It was started under the leadership of Vincent Taormina. From 1949 onwards they started marketing the ready to eat soups. The Progresso soup diet originated from a contest organized by the proprietors of the Progresso light soups. It asked participants to eat a diet consisting of the Progresso light soups and lose weight competitively to win. Later on the Progresso soup diet became popular due to the internet publicity, discussions on the public forums and weight loss blogs or websites.

Why should people try the Progresso soup diet?

The Progresso soup diet mainly consists of different sorts of soups. Progresso have marketed many different types of soups which are all well under 100 calories per serving. So if you make it your main meal for seven days then you will be able to keep a tab on the amount of calories that you consume. As it can be very tedious to eat the same soup for every meal from lunch to supper and dinner anyone can feel bored and tired of the same flavors. With Progresso soups that is not a problem. The variety of soups available will never let your meals become dull or insipid. Moderation is the key of every diet. Often we try to spice up our foods by adding ketchup, cheese or mayo with it. This can make even a healthy soup get laden with needless calories. So make sure that when you are on this diet you follow the rule of moderation and use self control to curb your spice cravings.

The best thing about the Progresso soups is that they are surprisingly tasty. They are not too salty or too spicy and have a great flavor. Real vegetables and chicken broth are used for making these soups. Nice bite sized carrots and celery will be found in plenty in the soups and they won’t taste like preservatives. Every ingredient used in preparing these soups is fresh and well-chosen. Only 2 cups of soup can make feel quite full for hours.

Advantages of the Progresso Soup Diet:

  • The packaging of ready to eat soups is really good and they come in great many varieties. Soups are available in paper boxes, normal cans and microwave proof cans. This makes the Progresso soups more users friendly.
  • Great variety in taste and flavor is another benefit of following this diet. Some of the soups available are- beef and vegetable soup, chicken wild rice soup, minestrone, Italian style vegetable, vegetable and rice soup, chicken noodle soup, Italian wedding soup, savory vegetable barley soup.
  • For people on the go this is the ideal way to weight loss as it takes only 5 minutes in the microwave to make these soups.
  • Eating these soups can earn you Weight Watchers’ points. They back this brand of soup only and recognize it as good for losing weight.

How to use the Progresso Soup Diet?

Personally this is obvious you just eat Progresso soup with a main meal and track your calories, which is dieting 101.

If you want to learn the real powers of soup the homemade super food and healthy fat burning recipes are the best check them out on my post HERE

  • Venitia Much’Wiser Hollins

    I started my diet today!

    • Tawana Maclin

      Hello Venitia! How is your diet going? I’m about to start a exercise program on Monday. I figured I could jump start it with a quick soup diet, also are you using light soup or does it even matter.


  • Buttercup

    Started yesterday

  • kara

    Starting it on Monday..wanna lose a few lbs..hoping it works

  • Eugene Ramirez

    have anyone tried SurelySlim ( It is made in Canada. They say it is
    cutting edge technology of three fat burners in one veg capsule?

  • Ritsuko Garcia

    I did this diet 2 years ago without knowing there was an actual diet. I ate one kellogs protein meal replacement bar for breakfast a soup for lunch and a soup for dinner and from weighing 198lbs i went down to 143lbs and from pans size 12 to size 3 and shirt size from xl to xs :) It’s pretty difficult at first but if you stick to it you get great results towards the end !!

    • Pam Bfabulous Preston

      How long to get those results ? Did you keep it off ? Any exercising ?

      • Rose Estrada

        Yes how long did it take to get those results that’s good.