Vegetable Soup Diet: The quick slimming plan

Vegetable Soup Diet: The quick slimming plan

Nowadays people are concerned about their looks and they are in a rush to shed those extra pounds. They take all the initiatives to reduce their weight. Sometimes they try a diet plan or they take supplements. One or the other way they want to lose weight. Fad diets are much talked about and one in every person has tried it.

The vegetable soup diet is a diet plan that had gained attention as it assures to lose weight in seven days. The soup which is actually very low in calorie content is the reason behind the weight loss.

History of the vegetable soup diet

The diet was used by the people around 1980. The diet reached the nook and corner of the country with the help of facsimile machines. People were unaware about the fact where the soup originated from. This further added fuel to the matter and the soup diet following was literally on fire. Everyone had their own version of the soup and its birth.

Another issue that came to light was the association of the diet with many reputed medical centers. Stories that spanned made the medical centers to make a comment on the issue. The medical centers supported the links with the vegetable soup diet. They also vouched for its success.

Features of the diet

The diet is based on the fact that consuming the low calorie soup will help to lose weight. The amount of the soup is not defined and the dieters can have any amount of the soup they desire. The ingredients used in the soup are fresh vegetables which have low calorie content.

The dieters mainly eat lots of fruits and vegetables with the vegetable soup which again is low in calories. To be specific, vegetables like cabbage and radish are known to lose weight. The vegetable soup diet is a combination of vegetables like onions, beans, peppers, fresh tomatoes, celery and carrot. The amount of carbohydrates included in the diet is very low and it really helps the followers of the diet to reduce weight. As a well known fact consuming lot of carbohydrates increases the count of the calories.

Ways to consume it?

The vegetable soup diet is a seven day diet plan which enables the followers to treat them with many other foods. The diet has a schedule that has to be strictly followed for a week time. The diet had allotted various foods for each day of the diet plan.

The followers can have the veggie soup with some fresh fruits on the 1st day and they must definitely exclude banana. The second day the diet plan allows the followers to take the vegetable soup with some canned or fresh vegetables and they can eat a big baked potato. On the 3rd day the followers can enjoy the veggie soup with some fresh fruits and green vegetables.

The 4th day is a combination of vegetable soup, 3 bananas, milk, 2 oranges and 1 to 2 liters of water. The diet followers can consume some ounces of beef, 3 tomatoes, vegetable soup and plenty of water. The sixth day is a mix of the soup, leafy vegetables and some beef. On the last day of the vegetable soup diet the followers can eat some veggies, boiled brown rice, juice and the vegetable soup.

Advantages of the vegetable soup diet

With no doubt the diet can help you to lose weight in a short span of time. Vegetables are the main ingredients of the soup as well as the diet plan on the whole which is really good. The fiber content is high in the vegetables and the fruits that are a part of the diet plan are rich in nutrients that are needed for the proper functioning of the body.

The vegetable soup diet is a diet plan that allows the followers to consume wished amounts of the soup. The calorie content of the soup is very less which enhances weight loss. The soup does not need much effort and time and even the cost of the vegetables is affordable. The dieters do not have to wait for a month to see the results as they can notice the drop in their scales immediately.